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DataXcel was established in 2010 by a group of people passionate about the ethos of performance marketing. Why should the brand owner take all the risk when allocating marketing budget the media owner should share the risk and this is our business model.

Our managing Director Lorcan Lynch has over 20 years experience in Data Driven Marketing ranging from Data Startups such as Ireland Direct to managing the Marketing Services Division for Experian Ireland where he set about rebuilding an Irish Mosaic for the Irish market place.

Our team includes people from Data, HTML Design, PHP coders and Digital media Sectors who share in our core objective to collect and deliver quality, in line validated consumer data and real time leads for the Irish and UK markets that truly deliver transparent and measureable results for brand owners.

DataXcel is now established as Ireland’s Leading Collector of consent driven Data to include Email, Telephone (Mobile and Landline), and Postal and we are growing steadily in the UK.

From 2010 to 2011 we survived and developed a steep learning curve for a unique and new business model for the Irish market I mean who had heard of real time lead generation!!

‘Please contact me, I am interested in what you can offer’.

In 2012 we grew our monthly members to our sites to 5k per month.


In 2013 we built our own bespoke lead generation technology which collects and delivers over 40k B to C leads per month in the Irish market to brand owners in Ireland and the UK.

In 2014 we built a lead gen platform for the UK focussed on quality of leads and not volume.

In 2014 we launched our new land line Irish Telephone File of 290,000 records the majority are AB’s aged 50 plus

In 2014 we were the first data business since the 2011 Electronic regulations to complete a formal Data Protection Audit process by the Office Of The Data Protection Commissioner with the result that all of our data assets and data collection process have been singed off by the ODPC as compliant with the 2011 Electronics DP regulations.

In 2015 we are partnering with the Bill Moss Partnership to further develop B to B data offers in Ireland WHY ? The Bill Moss B to B data is simply the best, biggest and most accurate B to B data set in Ireland.

In 2015 we are also focussed on scoring in the top 10% quality scores with or lead gen brand partners.

Our data is unique as we validate our traffic channels pre and post collection and we analyse the the true ROI from every record we collect and allocate a score accordingly based on there responsiveness and monetising history.

We are measured by our conversion metrics and we focus so much effort on collecting quality Irish and UK data so press one button and we will collect leads and data for you in:

  • South of Ireland
  • North Of Ireland
  • Wales
  • England
  • Scotland

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DataXcel Online has case studies and details of campaigns across many market sectors.

We believe in transparent marketing practices to help marketing teams deliver against their required ROI.