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How To Lift Response Rates From 3% to over 11%

The Objectives

  • To generate requests for Tesco Mobile simcards.
  • To ensure that dispatched simcards, are actually activated by leads.
  • To assess the performance of various different offers.

The Process

  • Run a branded lead generation creative (see bottom) on our data collection websites such as
  • Ensure positive opt-ins/sim requests are sent to fulfilment house for dispatch asap.
  • Build tailored Email CRM program to encourage recipients of sims to activate sim cards.

CRM Process

The CRM process was designed to encourage activation of sim card with 4-5 emails over the initial 30 day period:

  • 1st email-immediately after requesting sim
  • 2nd email-21 days left to activate
  • 3rd email-14 days left to activate
  • 4th email-7 days left to activate
  • 5th email-3 days left to activate


  • Activation rate before CRM process: 2% – 3%.
  • Activation rate after CRM process complete: 9%.

Email Creative Examples

Telco Email Creative Examples

Lead generation campaign example

Telco Email lead generation example