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Email Data - 100,000 |

  • Explicit consent – Permission based data
  • Open & read rates avg 10%-30% with CTR rates subject to the offer or proposition

Target Key Consumer Segments for Your Email Campaigns

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Mums under 50 = 60,000 records
Smartphone & Tablet Users = 43,000 records
Consumers aged 50+ = 32,000 records
Consumers Aged 25-34 with Income = 40,000 records
Consumers aged 18-24 = 26,000 records
**We work the data hard to get you the results you need for example:

Intelligent Time Sending

We deploy data over 24 hours to match the optimum open times for each recipient and our score with ISP providers is very high ensuring maximum deliverability to the recipient’s inbox.

Resends to non-openers

Within 48 hours of first deployment (Discount rate available).

Split Content Testing

Use different creatives or subject lines to test performance for the first 1000 emails then the balance of the data is diverted to the better performing creative and subject line.

We build email creatives

From images and text supplied optimised for ISP providers – £500 per email template.

**Open rates average 10% to 30% once targeted to relevant consumer segments with a strong offer.


** Discounts available based on volume of data:

Set Up


Base Rentals


per 1000



per 1000

Minimum Order


DataXcel Online has case studies and details of campaigns across many market sectors.

We believe in transparent marketing practices to help marketing teams deliver against their required ROI.