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Lead Generation |

We build and manage a network of data collection web sites supported by our proprietary technology.

Leads are delivered in real time or by dropbox to your ecrm process, call centre, sales team,marketing dept or agency and once followed up within 24 hours the leads convert subject to your offer and brand recognition with rates ranging from 3% up to 40%.

How The Process Works

DataXcel Online are leaders in Consumer Generated Contact.

Simply put, Consumer Generated Contact means no marketing budget is spent until a consumer sees who you are, understands what you do and says, without incentive –

‘Please contact me, I am interested in what you can offer’.

Consumers give positive permission to be contacted by you, by the medium of their choice (i.e. by post, telephone or email). Online consumers are empowered and expect to initiate the contact from companies, so instead of spending budget on display advertising or cold outbound contact, wait and let them make the first move. This model delivers exceptional ROI fully trackable and scalable.

Internet users visit one of our entertainment sites and register.

Internet users visit one of our entertainment sites and register.

Users details are fully validated. Users are geodemographically profiled to relevant partners (i.e. homeowners, with children).

Users are not incentivised to answer partners surveys with any particular response.

Users log in and answer profiled partner surveys.

If a user answers positively to a partner survey marketing takes place for live conversion to customer to deliver immmediate ROI.

Once positive opt-in is received the users full details are delivered to the partner in realtime for ongoing marketing communications.

DataXcel Online has case studies and details of campaigns across many market sectors.

We believe in transparent marketing practices to help marketing teams deliver against their required ROI.

Lead Generation Examples

Every business needs a steady stream of new customers to succeed, we supply this stream.

Regardless of how niche your target audience or how expensive your product, we can find prospects interested in talking to you about your product or services.

All consumer data supplied by DataXcel is un-incentivised. DataXcel is not a broker of leads.

All the prospect leads that we deliver are collected from our own websites and exclusive partner network who run branded versions of our own bespoke technology.

Please contact us to discuss a campaign in further detail.

Below are just a few current brand partner examples of our lead generation campaigns.